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Ease of use (modeling), flexible options for transformations and custom code, data source agnostic, efficient processing engine, real time monitoring and solid debug tools, good reuse options (refactoring segments of a process to new projects or flows, etc.) good but…

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Senior executive with over 15 years of expertise in information technology and enterprise solutions supporting organizations in consumer electronics, semiconductors, food products, distribution, education and service based businesses. An seasoned leader with a keen understanding of business priorities and the ability to design, develop and deliver innovative solutions and IT transformation to support growth, competitive advantage and scalability.

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Process Improvement
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ERP, CRM & BI Solutions
Innovative Technologies
Technology Strategy & Execution
Team Development & Leadership
Project Portfolio Management
SAP/ERP Systems Architecture
Enterprise Architecture
Cost Reduction
Application Security
Global Business Technology Implementations
Information Technology Governance
Due Diligence / Mergers & Acquisition Integration Planning

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