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First of all, I would like to qualify myself. I graduated this June from Colorado Technical University (CTU) (Online) with a BSIT degree with 2 concentrations - Systems Security and Project Management. My final GPA was 3.95 and I was awarded the distinct honor of Summa Cum…


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About me

I believe that the needs required by the customer are first - not, profit first. This in turn, creates an ROI of customer loyalty.
My career interest are IT Systems Security, Systems Integration, Systems Administration, Project Management, and IT Systems Training.
BSIT degree - majored in Systems Security and Project Management.
US Army - Computer background from repair to training and management. Accomplishments - converted a non-secure, non-communicative mobile Data Processing Unit to a secure communicating unit that interfaced with the AUTODIN DOD network. Was also the COR for the unit and saved over $45K by getting rid of unused or outdated software and licenses. Reinvested the savings into much needed software upgrades and technical improvements.
Private sector - GTE, Union Foundry, Southwire, Atlas Roofing, Delphi Automotive Group, Univ. of Cincinnati (UC) IT Ops & Systems Data Center, and Axcess Financial. Accomplishments - was the QA, Training, and Safety Manager for a Southwire startup business and was successful in my contributions to help obtain ISO 9000 certification. Document owner for several processes.
Attended the University of Cincinnati, OH, for a degree program in IT. Received my AS degree from Georgia Perimeter College - major was in Instructional systems Design (ISD).
Think outside of the box trait and was rated as having a Guardian personality type by the Keirsey method.
Posses strong leadership and management skills. Confident in my work. Believe in continuous improvement, being creative and innovative. Don't believe in the word can't. Positive, enthusiastic, and energetic attitude in the organizational culture environment. Honest, trustworthy, dependable, open to constructive criticism, and strong work ethic - not a quitter. I believe in having quality in your life at home and at work. I also believe that you need a sense of humor in your life to have a balance for stress. I believe in me!!!

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