Developing and managing airlines manual suites.

30 people affected
3 people managed
6 month project

Project Description

Developing and managing airlines manual suites.

The project is initially to develop a standard set of airline management manuals (+/-12) in compliance with the EU regulatory requirements for aviation (EASA) and other industry standards (IOSA, IS-BAO).

Thereafter this library must be adaptable for each airline, or other air operator, project; thus talking into account:

a. National Aviation Authorities differences, and

b. The specifics of the operator: scope and size of ops, type of ops, equipment operated, area of ops, special ops, ...

In a second stage, possibly adapting this to other regulatory environments: USA (FAA), China (CAAC), ...

80% of the contents would be boiler-plate as per required standards, the remaining 20% are operator specific.

Therefore, we would like to work from the onset with a, or series of, software(s) that allow specific contents to be managed and "pulled" into a series of manuals as per tailored-made requirements of each operation.

Also, this library must be:

1. Manageable over time, amendements and revisions must be structured and trackable

2. Publishable under different formats either paper or electronic.

The first stage of the project should last for about 6 months, next stages depend upon contracted projects.

Lessons Learned

Use a dedicated publishing software, did it in the past with Word or other word processors, unmanageable!


steep learning curve
hard to meet schedule
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