Clinic Implementation of RSA IMG (Aveksa) with SAP Provisioning

5 people affected
4 people managed
4 month project

Project Description

Clinic Center next to Goettingen - Implementation of RSA Aveksa with SAP Provisioning

The Clinic has taken the decision to implement RSA IMG and DAG to solve their problems with internal and external Identity and Access Management.
Parts of the first stage were Active Directory, File Services, Exchange and SAP, where their major issue was SAP ES-H MED to manage the staff of medical doctors and nurses.
After several hurdles we implemented the RSA AFX SAP Premium Connector for provisioning and added the specific fields for the ES-H MED.

Our conclusion is, that RSA is delivering an excellent product, but without deep knowledge of SAP specially ES-H you can't survive.

It starts from the correct permissions and ends in BAPIs, that have to be changed, because of missing code.

Anyway, we brought it to success and closed another hole of RSA IMG provisioning.
Currently we're working on a solution for SAP CUA and SAP IDM to get the complete integration of SAP.

Please contact me, if you want more details.

Cheers Peter

Lessons Learned

The RSA SAP AFX Mule Licence Key Generation took us ages and brought a huge delay of 6 weeks, this is an issue for the improvement of our delivery chain process, incl. RSA.


sap provisioning reference


delay in license delivery

Technologies Used

Technical Skills Used

  • RSA certified IMG
  • SQL
  • SAP ES-H
  • StealtBits Audit
  • Java
  • Exchange 2010
  • Active Directory
  • PowerShell Scripting
  • Oracle DBA
  • SQLserver

Technical Certifications Used

  • RSA IMG certified Professional
  • Steathbits Audit
  • Goettingen (DE)51.53449.93228
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