Sonarqube integration with bank Application

50 people affected
3 month project

Project Description

Sonarqube 4.0 integration with bank Application.

The project was done mainly to give an overview to senior management on the level of coding , testing that is going in the bank, with different technologies like Java, html , Visual basic , etc.

We had to integrate all automated builds , run test cases and generate report to publish them on Sonar. Also, we had to add in multiple plugins to put the reports under a presentable , timeline way which the senior management can easily identify and understand .

This project was done for multiple verticals throughout the bank to ensure and enhance quality of delivery .


received recognition / award
support from colleagues
global cordination


management had to be convinced

Technical Skills Used

  • analytical
  • automation
  • Unix scripting


Devops Implementor
  • Chennai (IN)13.087880.2785
  • Singapore (00-SG)1.28967103.85
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