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QA Manager
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10+ years
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I'm a technical QA Manager who enjoys building and/or improving test teams in both efficiency and accuracy from entry level to seasoned managers.
Over 18 years experience as a hands-on QA including 10+ years as QA manager directly responsible for delivering high quality robust software products to customers. Strong leadership and successful management of in-house and offshore QA engineers. An ability to leverage the strengths of individuals, while mentoring for improvement. Excellent communication skills, energetic, detail oriented, team player, adaptable, flexible. Strengths include positive leadership, simultaneous management of difficult and complex projects, stakeholder friendly, strong technical ability, innovative solutions, product collaboration, program and resource management, disciplined and agile, strong knowledge of SDLC fundamentals. Recruitment, staffing and performance appraisals.

Specialties: QA Management, Automation, Team Project Management

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Organized the QA international QA team - introducing