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NNT's Change Tracker solution is designed with security monitoring in mind. Their change management module is tightly integrated with their FIM, and is designed to weed out white noise and false positives by informing the FIM of approved changes before those changes are…



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Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software (IDPS)

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Enterprise Security ● Audit & Compliance ● Risk Management

I thrive in an environment where there is a challenge to confront and a mystery to solve. Working as a cyber-security professional provides me with that spark.

When your company's data is breached, will you be the one to discover it, or will someone else point it out to you, weeks, months, or even years later? My goal is to raise the odds that it's the former, and to then minimize damage, purge the threat, and adapt security policy and technique in the face of ever evolving risks. I'm here to toughen the hide and KEEP BAD THINGS OUT, but equally as important, to keep an eye on what's happening beneath the skin.

Incident Response ● IT Security Policy ● Vulnerability Assessment ● Security Monitoring & Forensics ● Security Awareness & Training ● PCI-DSS & SOX Compliance