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 Passionately believe that Information Technology provides the best opportunity to improve the competitive advantage be it from reduced operating costs, improved communications, better and consistent information, reliable and accurate source of data or improving research and fostering growth in knowledge.

 Strong belief that IT deployment must address identified gaps in meeting mandated business capability. A business model addressing information requirements and data acquisition needs is a pre-requisite to success in deploying IT solutions.

 Successful at formulating Information Technology Strategy and developing Business Function and Information Models to drive the deployment of applications to support business goals.

 Keen understanding of developments and advances in deployment of Information Technology and practical experience in setting up data centre with both desktop and mobile access, disaster recovery and high availability environments.

 High awareness for compliance to the regulatory process for financial data integrity among separate applications and data downloaded for special reporting tools.

 Create innovative solutions to meet business goals by taking advantage of standards and applying knowledge from past projects in the design/development/deployment of Custom Applications, ERP Packages, Business Intelligence, Regulation and Compliance in Drugs and Health Care.

 Understand that good quality data is a pre-requisite for Business Intelligence

 Written and Presented Papers at International Conferences on Information Technology Framework, Business Modelling, Data Warehouse Design and Customizations to Packaged ERP products.

 Proven record of custom software development using Software Development Life Cycle for both the Waterfall and the Prototype approaches.

 Experience working in Federal and Provincial Government departments, Private Sector and Non-Profit organizations.