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Almost 4 years ago
Isn't SPARC now an obsolete piece of hardware within Oracle?
Over 5 years ago
With regards to "Ability to migrate a database to Exadata from a normal environment" in Room for Improvement What did you try? I found a simple CTAS worked just fine. The Transportable TS and GoldenGate were just too much trouble setting up. Going from AIX to Linux also…
Over 5 years ago
Hi! Primary interest is in Business Models (Function and Data). Also like to design and develop solutions on the Oracle platform but am not wild about the various certifications being demanded. The setup or the hardware is usually a one time effort and nobody will know the…
Over 6 years ago
Arup -- I agree don't go too wild applies to anything. However, people read these things about Exadata and go wild OR just do nothing so as to keep everything the same. And not many people talk about Oracle Text Indexes and how different the behaviour. Also in your…
Over 6 years ago
Don't go too wild with dropping indexes. You do need those that are for data integrity and for standard OLTP. In our first tests with Exadata X2, we did try dropping all indexes. We did not get any through put for the ETL. Also to get any benefit from the Index Cell…
Over 6 years ago
You mention each results. What score is an acceptable value for the initial setup? Is the initial setup accepted because the database starts? We had a situation where nothing from the companion disk was installed and so important features of Oracle Text were not available…
Over 6 years ago
Post 2012 if the Exadata is not set for GATHER_SYSTEM_STATS('EXADATA') a lot of the benefits will not show up. You will then remain in the '2x to 3x' club of Exadata performance instead of the potential 15x performance. -- quoting Mark Smith at Database Specialists -- in…
Over 6 years ago
Have been finding that in some situations with partitioned tables ignoring the local index (partition key) and doing a full table scan is a lot faster! For example select /*+ parallel(t1,8) */ column_x from partition_table t1 where partition_key_column >=…
About 7 years ago
We have a script which monitors space left based on what the user_segments reports as used. We have also started to use bigfIle tablespaces.
About 7 years ago
Daily incremental backup. The goal is to have dataguard.
Over 7 years ago
Data Warehouse is an attempt to correct the poor database designs in which the transactional data resides. So a DW is an "after the horse has escaped the barn" solution attempt. The more horses that have escaped, and it may not even be certain how many horses, the more…



About 7 years ago
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