Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

Project Description

MBOX Converter software provides full support for the conversion of Thunderbird mails to Outlook PST. This utility
supports bulk mail conversion and takes only few seconds. Users don’t have to put their whole effort, the interface is simple and friendly, moreover is self-instructive. All what the users need to do is, to have a MBOX file and the

This tool attains the complete conversion of your MBOX mails to Outlook PST quickly and easily Thunderbird to

Outlook Converter transfers all the mails to either single PST file or separate files. The tool not only converts Thunderbird mails, it supports 17+ MBOX supported clients such as; Pocomail, Eudora, Apple Mail, Earth Link and much more. 


1.    Download and install the application in the system.

2.    Open up the tool and choose the file for conversion. You will have two options either to select the default client or select the file from the system.

2.1.   If Thunderbird is your default client, go for default option. It will load the file automatically.

2.2.   If you have the MBOX file in your running system where your Thunderbird mails are stored, go for manual file choosing option.

3.    Once if the file is loaded, users can choose ‘Export’ option. For selective export, you will have to check the checkboxes provided and then proceed with the

4.    Specify the requirements seen in ‘Export Option’ window.

5.    Proceed until successful notification is observed.

Since all the organization focus on higher benefits in the amount invested, Outlook owes to be the best thus, many moves on. In-order to get the whole data stored in Thunderbird to Outlook, MBOX Converter will be helpful. It manages user’s time and effort.

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Technical Skills Used

  • batch email migration
  • convert mbox to pst, eml and msg


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