Job function
Agile Coach
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Pharma/Biotech Company
Years of experience
10+ years
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Productive, efficient, engaging and goal-oriented professional with over 12 years of experience in Project Management, Agile Coaching & Training and Consulting services. Hands-on, roll-up-sleeves approach. Connects with people at all levels, simplifies complex problems, and remains calm in a storm.

Extensive experience working with different organizations & work environments. Worked with the Leadership & Management (VPs, Directors, Product Managers, EPMO, etc.) @ the strategy level & with stakeholders (Product Owners, Developers, Testers, Architects, Release Managers, etc.) @ the implementation level. Worked with large number of team members for Product driven software development. Most of the experience is with teams across time zones and countries.

Played a pivotal role in setting the stage of the Agile and Lean Transformation strategy, understanding the maturity of the organizations and rolling out the Transformation in phases. The Transformation has included the formation of the strategy, training, coaching, mentoring, implementation and adjustments @ the tactical level.

Adept @ fostering collaboration & innovation environment, important ingredients in the Agile Environment. Recognizes people's talents & mentors them into roles where they are able to perform effectively, which thereby helps him to focus on other areas. Train & Mentor teams to continue with progress and continuous improvement.

Catalyst for change, recognizes waste and puts processes in place which make systems and people very efficient. Strategy for change is to include and make people as part it, not exclude them.

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