Job function
Senior Technical Analyst
Company size
501-1,000 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Company name
CS Softwares.
Since Nov 2015, it_user347748's postings have been viewed 47 times on IT Central Station.

+Knowledge in Hardware fitting, installation of application, corrective and preventive maintenance.
+ Implementation and configuration of AD, DNS, DHCP, WEB, Kerio Firewall, VmWare servers, windows server 2003 e 2008, XP, 7, joomla, WordPress, OpenCart and office.
+ Implementation of network infrastructure, structured cabling, cisco router configuration, and Linksys, swicht Dlink and 3com , Administration Kerio Firewall
+ Installation and configuration services SolarWinds and VMware servers, antivirus, VPS,
Consulting governance and management, pre sales and customer remote support . configurations TCP-IP, Layer 3 router, VPN, Firewall, SNMP, monitor data base server ( SQL server, Oracle, DB2) service desk, configurations server´s Windows and Linux, project management ,

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