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Chidiebere Okwudire is a software developer with some years of experience during which he successfully conducted a few projects in the areas of tolerance modelling and data management.

With a background in electronics and embedded systems, Chidiebere is passionate about developing carefully designed and efficiently implemented software systems that meet the needs of the customer.

He is keenly interested in subjects such as project management, requirements engineering, system architecting and design, as well as software engineering. He is also considerably knowledgeable in areas like design patterns, UML, XML and related technologies, C++, and model-based engineering.

Chidiebere employs his aptitude for learning and analytic skills in finding elegant solutions to technical problems. He loves to take on challenges and always strives for a balance between abstraction and practicality.

As a good communicator and team player, he always endeavors to maximize his potential in any given assignment and to contribute his quota to the synergy of his team. His core values are efficiency, mutual respect, integrity, and openness, all motivated by a desire to make the world a better place and to keep his clients happy during the entire course of a project.

His willingness to adapt to new ways of working and his experience with working in multi-cultural settings make him a very valuable asset to any client.