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If you buy InfoSphere MDM Domain Hub Standard Edition you can use following products: IBM Process Server Standard v8.5.6 IBM Process Server Standard for Non-production Environment v8.5.6 IBM Process Center Standard v8.5.6 IBM Process Designer v8.5.6 IBM Content…
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Modeling features (from physical to business), sql optimization / mdx support, easy of use
Over 5 years ago
I have participate in two customer integration projects for financial sector. First was connected with custom MDM, second was Informatica MDM implementation. If you plan build own MDM solution you have consider: - integration with current architecture (bulk loading via…
Over 5 years ago
Currently we have used only Query feature. In future we would like to configure also move feature - then I could compare it to Sqoop.

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Information Management solutions:
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- IBM DB2 (advanced level)
- Oracle DB (basic level)
- MS SQL Server 20xx (basic level)

• Big Data solution:
- HortonWorks Data Platform (basic level)
- Cloudera Data Hub (basic level)
- IBM BigInsights

• DB Tools:
- IBM InfoSphere Data Architect

• Data Lifecycle solution:
- IBM Optim Data Growth
- IBM Optim Test Data Management with Data Privacy
- Informatica ILM (Applimation)

• Data integration solution:
- IBM InfoSphere Data Stage
- Informatica Power Center

• System integration solution:
- Tibco Business Works (basic level)

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