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User Support Specialist
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Non Profit
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10+ years
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1. System Administration & Programming and Software Development
2. Networking, Hardware Operation, and Software Application
3. Documentation of User Training and Support
4. Management of Access Control Doors and Closed-Circuit Television
5. Utilization of Windows Server 2003/2007 dealing with Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, RAID-5, RAS, WLAN, IPSEC, SMTP, POP3, etc.
6. Setting-up and configuring of Microsoft (MS) Internet Information Service (IIS)/Apache-HTTP Web Server, Email Server (Mdaemon & Icewarp), and FTP
7. Virtual hosting of IP-based, Name-based, and Dynamic and securing Website Authentication
8. Website Design with content management hardcoded through PHP (refactoring) or Joomla
9. Administering and securing of MS SQL Server; querying of data in records; monitoring and optimizing data transformation services; and quick action on ad-hoc queries, views, stored procedure and triggers
10. Maintaining of Card Access and CCTV equipment such as DVR and VCR with tunnel to Internet for remote view
11. Troubleshooting of computer and network related problems
12. Implementation, monitoring and documentation of policies related to security and user procedures

Specialties: Web development, Business IT, Computer Network, Computer Security, Technical Support, System Administration

Currently having fun with: ManageEngine SDP and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit