Job function
Freelance Technology Writer, Journalist, Editor
Writing And Editing Position
Years of experience
10+ years

I write with depth and accuracy for publications including CSO Magazine, translating technology into the language of your readers. See for yourself. My clips (work samples) are categorized at

A freelance technology writer by design, I love writing feature articles, editorial content, features, content marketing / custom published articles, thought leadership pieces, and case-studies. I also write eBooks, technical guides, and other B2B and B2C content and MarCom.

My work appears as magazine articles, features, and copy that serve trade magazines / trade publications and business and consumer publications. I can submit great story ideas for your editorial calendar and write them into articles and features you're sure to love.

Are you looking for a technology writer with X-Factors--skills that set a writer apart? You'll find my X-Factors in editor recommendations in this profile that say that I

> "know [my] subject matter well, write in an engaging style, meet deadlines, and take feedback well.”

> "[have] tremendous knowledge and insight about network technologies, write well and over-deliver [my] articles on time and with plenty of insight, panache, and wit."

> "pulled off two specific, slightly unusual assignments ... that other writers tried but couldn't complete."

> "went above and beyond the normal amount of work to get the story"

I have worked exclusively as a full-time freelance technology writer for 15-years. My work regularly appears in national and international publications. Consider adding me to your pool of freelance writers. I am here to serve you. Once we discuss your project, we can begin to meet your content development needs and deadlines. Let's start a conversation about your project and what I can do for you.

Now published in and The Economist Technology Quarterly (see photo links directly below).

Using your smartphone? Check my mobile-friendly site at

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