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Design, develop server and client applications using Java, Web Services, Portals, Spring, Grails, Hibernate, JSP, GSP, and servlets in JEE environment. Developed and integrated applications on different platforms in n-tier architecture using Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server databases. Over seventeen years of IT experience and developing applications in Java over twelve years.

Successful as team leader, architect and developer in designing, developing applications, and data marts in various industries.

Specialties: Java, WebServices, SOAP, JPA, Hibernate, Spring, J2EE,PHP, SOA, SAAS, Google App Engine, Google Cloud, soapUI, JMeter, Jigloo, SVN, CVS, JSP, Grails, Groovy, GSP, ExtJS, AJAX, JQuery, Maven, JDBC, XML, J2ME, EJB, Oracle App Server , Oracle Portal, Sun Portal, JUnit, Oracle Database, Aptana Studio, Eclipse IDE, H2 Database, MS SQL Server, MySQL, ANT, BEA WebLogic, Servlets, Tomcat, Windows, UNIX, Linux, Perl, Shell Scripting, JavaScript, Jython, HTML, AWK, PERL, SQL Plus, TOAD, SQLDeveloper.