Job function
Sr. Cisco Collaboration Presales Engineer
Company size
51-200 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
2-5 years
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Cisco Certified Presales/Products Manager with more than two years of experience at ExpertFlow Pvt. Ltd.
Experience in Software Development and Software Quality Assurance at ExpertFlow Pvt. Ltd.
Completed B.Eng Software from Namal College, Mianwali, Pakistan (Associated institute of University of Bradford, UK).
Potential candidate for Gold Medal from School of Computing, Informatics & Media (SCIM-UoB)
Research student at Namal Knowledge City, Mianwali, Pakistan
IEEE Student member for the year 2013.
President Namal Computer Society
Curricular expertise include computer software programming (JavaSE, C++), web development (HTML/5, CSS/3, PHP4/5, Javascript, JQuery), parallel processing, computer architecture, computer networks and communication skills.

Life Philosophy:-
I believe that I was lucky to have suffered. Some people don’t realize that in suffering there is great potential, because if you are deprived for any reason.. politically, financially, socially or otherwise.. and if you set your mind in the right direction, you will find that the only way to survive is for you to excel, by being better so you can be treated better.

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