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Over 3 years ago
I upgraded our selenium to 3 and chromedriver is working fine but gecko driver 0.19. So I downgraded to 0.17, the issues gone.
Over 4 years ago
When I see this question, something popped up in my mind: 1. What is your company's expectation from automation including budget, time and scope. 2. tools selection base on your company's need 3. architecture/infrastucture base on your company's need 4. Which departments…
Over 4 years ago
Jenkins is free and it has so many plugins even. I experienced 2 migrations to Jenkins from TeamCity and CircleCI because of the growing automation needs. (Sorry, I wanted to post this comment in the Build tools area. And it seems I cannot delete this comment now.)
Over 4 years ago
It depends on which type of the windows dialog: If it is a new browser dialog, selenium is able to click the button on that dialog by using switch windows method because your main window is window 1, then selenium opened a new one(the windows dialog) is window 2, switch to…
About 5 years ago
Hi, we should clarify the requirements first and then we can find the suitable tools. 1. you said "development takes on most of the testing", which type of testing they do? UI functional testing? Integration testing? unit testing? and I guess your company asks you to…
Over 5 years ago
Over 5 years ago

About me

My slogan: Automated every steps in the release/delivery pipeline not every test cases
If you have interest in automation tests, please check my projects, I hope they will help you.

Experienced QA automation tester (9+ years)

Highlight of skills
automation testing(selenium)
manual testing
API testing
Technical Skills
1) iPhone
2) qualcomm BREW
 -- Software
Java/JSP/OOP PHP/C++/SAS/ ASP programming/ CSS/AJAX/XHTML and etc
 QA/Software testing/releasing/system integration
 Unit testing : PHPUnit/PEAR/Junit
 Testing experience in white box, black box testing, functionality testing, load testing, performance testing and atuo-testing: selenium.
 Defect trace, bug report system, logs filtering and relative skills for testing.
 AWK/Perl/ shell script/ regular Expression
 Framework: Hibernate(HQL), Maven, Jquery and etc
 OS: Unix/Solaris/ SunOS/ Linux/ HP-UX/ SCO-Unix/ windows
 Database: SQL, Oracle/ Sybase/ DB2/ SQL Server/ MySQL/Jasmine
 Application Server: Tomcat/Websphere/ Weblogic/glassfish
 webServer: IIS/ Apache
 Parallel programming with C++
 Emacs, Cygwin/x, exceed/Kerberos/ VPN/SSH/Filezilla, Eclipse/NetBeans/Intellij, VISIO etc
 Version control: CVS/SVN/GIT
 CI System: Teamcity/Jenkins/CircleCI
 Test Framework: TestNG, Junit, Pyunit, PHPunit, RobotFramework
 Tools: selenium and etc

Sun Certified Java Programmer (2008)

Specialties: QA analyst
Technical QA
QA Developer
PHP/Java Web Developer
software engineer