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I would gain some experience with each of these and see which fits best in your environment and cost/support model. Jenkins is 10lb gorilla for CI, Urbancode Build predecessor may have been originator of "Build" and some "CI" capabilities (Anthill Pro), but since then…
About 4 years ago
IBM Deploy ok for this they have built some good customizations to support all kinds of use cases, but it depends on your infra / target. If your on VM's, IBM Deploy is just fine if you're deploying into containers then look at a container orchestrator but be prepared to…
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The latest version improve performance and scalability, you may want to consider upgrading. We've been working with UC IBM team to improve it to support 4000+ apps. We're using side by side with uRelease to digitize release processes and accelerate governance.

About me

Cisco Systems

Responsibilities: Architect IT

- DevOps - Expert in Deploy, Release to accelerate business change and agility
- Design, Build IaaS and accelerate PaaS in Cloud Services for Cisco Global IT
- Utilize Build / Manage tools to create virtual appliances & solutions to solve business problems
- Application Modeling for work loads and appliances
- Evolve Open Stack, Technology Pattern based Models and Topology for Clouds


- Data Center Architecture for large scale Consumer websites, Supply Chain, Engineering Collaboration Tools and VAN Direct Partner Financial Transactions.
- Externalization of Agile PLM, Engineering Tools and ERP Modules and Tools using Layered Security Architecture.
- Architect B2B / B2C EDI file processing infrastructure, redundant, scalability, performance and cost minded (HTTPS / AS2 / SFTP)
- Deploy Low Cost Cloud for HD Video Trans-coding / Streaming
- nVidia GPGPU Transcoding on Cisco UCS
- SCADA Engineer, Groupe Schneider Modbus Tunneling TCP/IP API for factory automation and business acceleration
- Member of Partner Architecture Team (PAT) to Business


- To lead with architecture for end-to-end technology solutions to service business needs
- To leverage cloud based infrastructure and technology in providing incubation for small scale with cost measured growth into large scale revenue supporting services
- To provide balance between innovation, cost and agility in all infrastructure capabilities
- To ensure strong customer partnership to meet and exceed client expectation.

Specialties: Role: Architect IT

- Cisco IT Champion (Risk Taking)
- Solutions Architect
- Web / Enterprise Architecture & Design
- Data Center Design & Capacity Planning
- Global Web Content Acceleration
- Technology Research / Development
- Developing Trust & Partnering with Engineering
- Internet Service Provider Services Mgr
- Operating Systems Expert (Commercial and Opensource)