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At the outset comparing these technologies/products I believe is truly not an apple to apple comparison. However one could make an attempt to look at their core functionality and what they were designed to accomplish. All of these have one goal in common – that is to manage…
About 5 years ago
My thoughts related to: ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT - The notion of a shared RAM for multiple instances is not possible for non-RAC databases.However this is already being supported indirectly in RAC databases. In the case of RAC databases multiple instances are spread across…

About me

I help the company in the design, build and maintaining infrastructure platforms with a solutions focused approach to support each layer of the stack including databases and the underlying storage. The platforms I have designed, built and tuned are being used for large databases on traditional platforms and Oracle Engineered Systems as well. In addition I get actively involved in the production operational support, tuning and maintenance.

With my experience of more than 18 years I have worked on multiple platforms with the database storage designed and implemented on SAN/VxFS, Solaris ZFS and as well as on Exadata Storage Cells. This would give the company the flexibility to have varied systems to support the various application needs within the organization. I have the acumen in designing and tuning ETL staging area to go along with the data warehouse and to integrate with the mid-tier stack as well.

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