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Security Technical Analyst
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I specialise in routing and security, and have experience with Cisco, Checkpoint and other vendor hardware.

My main passion is architecture of networks, and have a good eye for where improvements can be made in an existing network, also in designing new networks from scratch to specification, building into these designs, flexibility, security and future considerations.

My broad range of experience makes me ideally placed to have a good overview of the design process with a good knowledge of QoS, VoIP, Wireless and other technologies like Load Balancing to get the best out of hardware and make networks highly scaleable and cost-effective.

Main Skills:
* Routing - including routing protocols BGP, OSPF, EIGRP
* Switching
* Security - experience with Cisco and CheckPoint-based security appliances
* VPNs - multi-vendor VPN experience, including CheckPoint and Cisco
* WAN technologies - including MPLS, site to site VPNs
* WAN Acceleration - experience with Riverbed Steelhead appliances
* Work Area Recovery and Disaster Recovery