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Definitely Oracle solutions are bound to provide better performance on SPARC architecture machines. The performance numbers published in the Oracle site vouch for that
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Informatica is the way forward

About me

It is going to be the knowledge era. Everyone in this increasingly connected world will be deftly and decisively assisted by actionable insights that in turn facilitate him / her to take informed decisions, contemplate smart deals, involve in value-adding deeds, etc. Due to the spectacular advancements, every common, casual and cheap thing becomes smart, every electronic device becomes smarter and every human is destined to be the smartest. There are three mega trends for the ensuing era of knowledge.

1. Data volume, velocity, and variety are on the continuous climb due to the seamless and spontaneous connectivity being established among diverse and distributed data sources (men as well as machines) and cyber applications via versatile middleware solutions

2. Technologies (computing, communication, sensing, vision, perception, knowledge discovery and dissemination, etc.) for capturing, analyzing, interpreting and knowledge-extracting and disseminating insights to empower people and software applications to be smarter in their actions and reactions. Not only information and transaction services but also context-aware, physical and decision-making services will be cognitively conceived and delivered in near future. The transition from data to information and to knowledge gets simplified and streamlined with the deft utilization of proven technologies, tools, and techniques.

3. There are well-intended governance and management policies, processes, platforms, patterns, and practices in place in order to coordinate knowledge gathering and delivery

Books Published

1. Next Generation SOA: A Concise Introduction to Service Technology & Service-Orientation, Prentice Hall, USA

2. Cloud Enterprise Architecture (CEA) is published by CRC Press, USA.

3. "Cloud Infrastructures for Big Data Analytics" and is being published by IGI Global, USA.