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About 3 years ago
In general, I lean to EMC Unity due to its flexibility, modularity and low cost. I would use NetApp if I already had this in my portfolio and you heavily used key features like file support.
Over 3 years ago
The question is not “Nutanix or vSAN” it is what are my workload requirements and Virtualization model? If I am a HyperV shop or non-VMWare Hypervisor – I am drawn to Nutanix by its generic hypervisor support even as I am worried about licensing. If I am a VMWare shop…
Over 4 years ago
The real comparison needs to be made between Nutanix and EMC/Dell's VX-Rail. This is a much closer than the EVO:Rail go to market concept.
Almost 5 years ago
Answered a question: Storpool vs. ScaleIO
Have only used ScaleIO not Storpool - no basis for comparison. My perspective on all the pure play SW products is to wait one more server cycle for NVRam, products like the new Samsung 1 million IOPS SSD for io caching and commoditization of high capacity SSDs (4+ TB)…



Almost 5 years ago
Software Defined Storage (SDS)


Over 4 years ago
Hyper-Converged (HCI)