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George is a senior infrastructure engineer with a wealth of experience in solving problems and developing solutions for a variety of infrastructure challenges. Combining strong Unix engineering, enterprise server administration, enterprise networking, electronic engineering and technical management skills, George is a strong contributor to any technical team he is part of.

He has been involved in Unix engineering, developing boot code for AIX and Linux, as well as license management, network security, web systems, database systems, network management, backup management, etc. He created Unix system installers, network boot/install systems, and other installers and backup systems for everything from a unix based point of sale system to supercomputing clusters. He has also created release management systems for highly secure mission-critical systems.

In 1987 George founded the first “modern” ISP, being the first to provide a service geared and priced for ordinary consumers.

The ISP was founded in support of his work designing the hardware for a modular digital wireless phone system incorporated into Japan's first digital cellular network in the late 80's and early 90's. This system blended the cellular telephone with modern Internet communications, and was one of the forerunners to today's digital cellular network. George’s role in smartphone development was designing a modular solution providing the hand-held computer terminal and central office mainframe hardware for the smartphone network, and facilitating the integration of Internet technologies.

George has developed a wide range of hardware and software solutions aimed at improving infrastructure quality. He has integrated commercial and open source software solutions to create complete management systems providing visibility into the entire infrastructure; encompassing power, environment, server telemetry, network, provisioning, inventory, human resources and SLA management.

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Systems Management Project

Systems Management Project