Using FortiAuthenticator API to authenticate users in a web based application

1 month project

Project Description

FortiAuthenticator API

We implemented FortiAuthenticator to use it to authenticate users in a web application inside the network using FortiAuthenticator REST API also trough VPN, using FSSO.

FortiAuthenticator provides a Representational State Transfer (REST) API for interaction with
components of the system. Programs communicate with the REST API over HTTP, the same protocol that the web browser uses to interact with web pages.

Supports JSON Query and XML query

Additional FortiAuthenticator Features
1- Secure Two-factor/OTP Authentication with full support for FortiToken 

(FortiToken Mobile for Android, iOS, Windows mobile; e-mail or sms notifications)
2- RADIUS and LDAP Authentication
3- Certificate management for enterprise VPN deployment
4- IEEE802.1X support for wired and wireless network security
5- etc


ahead of schedule
under budget
support from colleagues

Technical Skills Used

  • Fortinet Solutions knowledge

Technical Certifications Used

  • NSE4
  • NSE5
  • NSE7
  • Tirana41.327519.8189
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