Shopify Pre-Order Manager App

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Project Description

After Pre-Order Manager installation, a pre-order button with a beautiful title shows up on a product page that is out of stock. A customer clicks on this button and goes through the regular order procedure, which allows you to sell the product even if it is out of stock. A message near the button can be edited by you. For example: "We will restock the item within 3 days". The full list of pre-orders is shown in the admin panel of the app, so you can easily control and handle them

Main features:

  • Turn on/off Pre-Orders for certain products.
  • Limit the quantity of Pre-Orders for certain products or for the whole store.
  • Set up a date for each product when the Pre-Order feature will be automatically turned on.
  • Adjust the design of the Pre-Order button and title for any theme
    with the help of an excellent insightful editor with an online preview
  • In most cases the app doesn't require any manual modifications of your store (it is needed only for some themes)
  • Advantages of using Pre-Order Manager and In Stock Reminder apps together (video tutorial)
  • ... and some other features
  • Highlights

    ahead of schedule
    under budget
    received a promotion

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    • HTML5
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