Job function
Consultant (Analytics + Information management)
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
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Success with managed analytics, data solutions and consultancy

Action-oriented manager who has depth of experience influencing how objectives and ROI identified are achieved in Data Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics functions. Accelerate the delivery of trusted information to qualify informed decisions. Self-starter able to smooth the path and raise the bar of success of cross-functional working with new capabilities. Integrates success stories, lessons-learned, professional relationships, strategy and stewardship. Capitalizes on strong management and people-oriented skills.

On your team to drive change in data management, business intelligence and analytics services and projects with user-centered solutions, optimizations and programs.

Recent examples:

– Improve how data analysts, data scientists, business intelligence developers, data architects and professionals power users team up and collaborate on data and information deliverables
– Mentor and teach about methodology and governance of carrying analytics and data tasks
– Influence the adoption of simple, elegant, defect free, and on schedule solutions that provide visibility of and traceability from data source to data consumer within business applications
– Build and assess the inventory of metadata across applications, data stores, data models and analytics delivery systems and map to business processes that can be benchmarked
– Increase accountability and stewardship in requirements, analysis and delivery of actionable information throughout the flows between analytics and data (reporting, statistics and data mining)
– Assimilate information seamlessly across deliverables with lithe governance, content literacy and domain knowledge

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