Master data management for around 60 source

12 people managed
6 month project

Project Description

Master data mangement for around 60 sources in 6 months

1. Different Variety of Data  Property , Retail , Malls , hospitality Customer Data

2. Different Velocity

3. Different Volume of data to be catered

4. Different Rule Sets for Data Quality

5. Different Data governance policies and processes for different lines of business

6. Roles and responsibilities for Data stewards for each LOB

7. Data Integration , Data architecture, Data Modelling for Each source

Lessons Learned

1. Planning is important

2. Need to know for what reasons we will use this data , requirement from the Project

3. To which level of granularity the data needs to be managed , merged to create a single source of truth

4. Data Stewards from each LOB and data experts as well

5. Scorecards and reports on Completeness and quality from the start


ahead of schedule
under budget
received recognition / award
support from colleagues
showcase solution -dubai world


management had to be convinced
steep learning curve
large no. of people impacted
business mindset - not clear
no proper requirement

Technical Skills Used

  • Data Quality
  • Data Governance
  • Master data management
  • Data Integration
  • Data Architect
  • Solution Architect
  • Project Manager
  • ETL Expert

Technical Certifications Used

  • ETL Professional
  • PMP


Top project in the Enterprise
First of its kind in UAE
  • Dubai (AE)25.065755.1713
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