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About 4 years ago
Koustuve, I would be glad to share the method we used. And me a message on LinkedIn and I will converse with you about it if you wish.
About 4 years ago
We enabled a duplicate incident feature on our instance since way back on Calgary. It can be done with relatively little effort.

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Over five years experience in medical insurance claims industry, experienced in claims processing, claims entry, and network installation.
Highly proficient in, and taught classes on:
• Windows 98
• Windows XP
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Microsoft Word
• Corel WordPerfect
• Corel Quattro Pro
• Corel Presentations
• Internet Usage
• computer upgrading and maintenance
• file maintenance and cleanup
• many other computer skills
• Also I have 15+ years of computer upgrading, building, and repair

Specialties: analysis, cashier, charts, contract management, customer relations, data entry, forms, internet software, microsoft access, microsoft excel, microsoft powerpoint, microsoft windows, microsoft windows 98, microsoft windows xp, microsoft word, networking, presentation skills, programming, public speaking, quality, quality control, quattro pro, repair, software development, spreadsheets, statistics, teaching, telephone skills, upgrades, wordperfect,