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I have long experience(nearly 15 years) with Control-M and CA AutoSys. But was unhappy in someway with both of them. Control-M lacks good command accessibility and AutoSys lacks Web Interface/API's. Go given up, and started writing my own Enterprise Job Scheduler, Atgen…
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About me

• Puppet Consultant, since 2009
• Chef Automation Consultant, since 2009
• Ansible Consultant, since 2014
• Docker Consultant, since 2013
• Atgen A2 Automation Consultant, since 2015
• HP CSA/OO Consultant, since 2014
• Sked Enterprise Consultant, since 2011
• AutoSys(WAAE)/Control-M Consultant, since 2006
• Programming in Perl, since 2006
• Programming in Shell(csh/ksh/sh), since 2006
• SQL/ISQL, since 2006
• PGTI iXp 2010

Moving towards Managing DevOps based Infrastructure and Lean Application Delivery with Automation/DevOps culture & tools.

DevOps: Puppet, Docker, Clarive, Chef Automation, Sked Enterprise, HP OO
Operating Systems: UNIX (Solaris), LINUX, Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
Scheduling: Computer Associates Unicenter AutoSys(WAAE), BMC Control-M, Sked Enterprise, Job Visualization, CA's iXp GUI
Languages: Perl, Shell (Bash, C, Bourne, Korn), SQL, C
Databases: Oracle, Sybase
Cloud: HP CSA

Conducted 800+ technology enabler workshops as specialised Trainer/Pre-Sales Consultant for Corporate covering following technologies.

- Puppet Enterprise
- Chef Automation
- Ansible
- Docker Containerization
- CA AutoSys with its integrations
- BMC Control-M
- Unix Shell Scripting
- Sked Enterprise
- Perl Programming
- Linux (RHEL) Administration
- CA iXp
- RDBMS concepts with SQL
- C Programming