Achieved a zero downtime migration of most mission critical system

Project Description

Achieved a zero downtime absolute migration to new Oracle RAC cluster of a Fortune 500's most mission critical system, on time and under budget.

For several years, our client had planned to move their CRM database from DB2 on AIX to Oracle on Linux, but there was always too much risk associated with doing the migration. 

My team and I took a different approach to the migration and proposed the client use Oracle GoldenGate to significantly reduce the risks associated with making their go-live date by establishing an aggressive schedule, but also putting in a ‘roll back’ process that would allow them to fail back to DB2 if needed at any time. This architecture would also allow several months of testing to ensure the databases were identical and ‘real time updated’ when the cut over occurred.

Working alongside our client, Viscosity was engaged to lead and perform the database migration. This involved working with the hardware/infrastructure teams to purchase the most appropriate hardware for maximum performance, setup of development, test, QA and production environments, installation and configuration of GoldenGate, testing of the replication process, validation of the data, and testing of the Siebel application.  Viscosity also trained the client team on GoldenGate and OEM so they would be able to support it fully without additional consulting resources upon production implementation. 

Our client achieved an absolute migration to its new Oracle RAC cluster for its CRM environment with virtually no downtime (less than 20 minutes). End users immediately relayed their gratitude for the significant improvement in the response time of the application. As an additional benefit, the project exceeded expectations for functionality and came in on time and under budget. The Siebel DB migration was nominated as ‘Project of the Year’ by client leadership.


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