Job function
IT Technician / Support Supervisor
Company size
501-1,000 Employees
Transportation Company
Years of experience
10+ years
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I am an IT professional who has been working in information technology for the past nine years in South Africa and UAE. I hold a wide number of certifications ranging from Computer Engineering to system and server administration, which include both Altiris and Linux. More recently, I attained a further specialization in Java Development from the University of South Africa and am currently furthering my own knowledge of other application systems such as SAP.
Working within the field of Information Technology has proved to be the most enriching profession as it plays to my own personal attributes of constantly seeking new knowledge and training. I believe that the cornerstone of any IT professional’s career is their dedication to developing their own skills and abilities to match that of the ever-changing face of IT.
I also believe that it is due to my own wish to constantly develop my own skills that I have gained great satisfaction from project management. Ensuring that the companies’ projects I have managed throughout my career are cutting-edge, adaptable and most importantly well-implemented has proved to be a challenge that I thrive upon. These projects have also furthered my own skills in leadership and the knowledge that no project is ever a one-man job. In turn, these abilities come from an approach of being culturally-aware and the need to take other people’s experiences as well as their expertise into account. I consider my working in South Africa has developed my approach to team work as I have worked with people from all walks of life who have often given me insights into projects that I would never have initially thought of, and which I carry into every subsequent project I have taken on.

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