About me

Data Warehouse Professional with strong experience in building and leading successful analytic solutions for the Healthcare, Electic Utility, Telecom, and Manufacturing industries. Background includes Data Architect, Data Modeler, Enterprise Architect, IT Strategist, ETL Developer, Programmer, and Project Manager. I am a highly skilled Lead Data Architect who can provide solutions to complex problems, by delivering timely and budgeted solutions that drive business revenue, identify cost reductions, and provide insight into new market opportunities.

• Contributed to the architecture design of a Patient Master for Memorial Health System.

• Extended Memorial Health System architecture where I integrated LDAP solution for a single-on solution

• Extended the IBM Healthcare Provider Data Model (Industry leading Universal Data Model) for 2012 and 2013 product releases by adding over 2,000+ attributes, entities, and relationships.

• Created the Master Data Logical Model for Informatica’s Master Data Hub in 2012 for the Insurance Industry based on the ACORD Framework and CIM. Primary entities being Policy Holder, Insured Object, Agreement, and Contact Information.

• Built a Financial Data Mart, “FINEDW” to collect financial data (from 19 General Ledger Sysytems) and consolidate them into an Atomic Data Warehouse. Dick Notebart (CEO) and Oren Shaffer (CFO) credited the reliable and timely metrics in helping Qwest remain out of bankruptcy.

• Reduced Qwest (30%) and Global Healthcare Exchange (50%) Software Development Cycles by applying best practices and common sense.

• Reduced Qwest BI Analytic spends by 50% and created an Analytic Center of Excellance.

• Former President of DAMA, Rocky Mountain Chapter (Denver, CO) from 2012 - 2014.