Assess, Collect, and configuring proper Apps on Cloud

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300 people affected
20 people managed
24 month project

Project Description

To run Apps selected from Cloud for mission critical application like ERP, it is important to collect proper Apps. So I put quick assessment procedure so that end user can feel and confirm if the Apps that they selected were reasonably composed. The assessment starts from macro view (higher level rule, policy, management life cycle, etc) to micro level (tedious rules, branches, logic, formula, etc), and then confirms UI (relocating field/columns on the screen). 

Lessons Learned

I'd like to put some algorithm so that many portion of assessment procedure could be done automatically, and be applied to the whole clould software service managemengt life cycle including after service maintenance & FAQ activity.


support from colleagues


large no. of people impacted

Technical Skills Used

  • architecture
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