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Software Quality Engineer Leader with over twenty years of I.T. experience, including 15 years as a software quality engineer specializing in test automation. An HP Certified Instructor and Accredited Systems Engineer in the HP Application Lifecycle Management suite of tools. Founded the Pittsburgh (Mercury) local chapter of the Vivit and now acts as the leader of the Arizona local chapter of Vivit and serves on the Vivit Board of Directors.

Specialties: - Software Quality Assurance
- Requirement Analysis
- Manual Testing
- Test Automation (HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), HP Quality Center (QC), HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), HP Business Process Testing (BPT))
- Task Management
- Documentation expertise
- Strong Communication Skills
- Strong Analytical and Problem Solving Skills
- Mentoring/training of Quality Assurance principles and test automation tools
- Agile/Sprint/Waterfall Development Methodologies

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