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Guy Netaneli is an inspiring, innovative and results driven leader with vast experience in the cloud computing industry. With a career that spans over twenty years, Guy brings a wealth of business, management and technology experience. Guy has a proven track record as an entrepreneur, a keen business sense and a deep technical background - all working together to deliver the highest quality of products and services to the marketplace.

Guy has held senior positions at J2 Global/KeepItSafe, e-ternity Business Continuity Consultants and TELUS. Guy brings a wide range of skills, from the development of go-to-market strategies and value propositions to building managed service methodologies, training development, project management, consulting, system architectures and implementations.

Guy is well versed in the design, development and implementation of scalable Data centre infrastructure, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery planning & testing, virtualized server farms and secure data storage networks.

In 2004 Guy co-founded e-ternity Business Continuity Consultants Inc., a successful cloud and managed services provider that brought thought leadership to the Disaster Recovery market in Canada and the US. e-ternity was acquired by J2 Global/KeepItSafe in late 2013, launching a Canadian acquisition spree of Cloud DR-as-a-Service providers in Canada.

In 2010 Guy co-founded 010 Data Protection Inc. Dual headquartered from Richmond Hill (Ontario, Canada) and Haifa (Israel), 010 delivers Automated Disaster Recovery & Cloud Backup solutions on a Global scale.

Guy Netaneli

010 Data Protection Inc.
Phone: 416-918-0889