Job function
Manager of Sales and Training
Recruiting/Hr Firm
Years of experience
10+ years

Over 20 years of Sales, Management, Training, Coaching, HR Services, Recruitment, Technology Services and Solutions experience.

Highly skilled in career coaching, helping people with career transitions and changes, resume development, interview preparation, salary negotiations and advanced networking.

Experienced Sales Manager, Training Manager, Branch Manager, Business Development Manager, Senior Account Manager and Senior Recruiter. Given the title of "The Hunter" by management and co-workers.

Help people, co-workers and companies maximize their capabilities, goals and strengths. Building solid relationships with clients and friends. The key to building mutual respect comes from knowing each individuals strengths and experience and working together to achieve a common goal.

Expertise in hiring talented people, creating teams, designing solutions and building organizations. Believe in building long term client relationships and pioneering what's next.

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