Job function
Enterprise Data Architect
Company size
501-1,000 Employees
Financial Services Firm
Years of experience
10+ years

Empowering organisations by establishing robust data architectures and mature data management practices as the foundation for sustainable information quality and control over data: two vital capabilities for business survival in the 21st century!

With 30+ years in-depth experience and relentless focus on data management, backed by 3 academic degrees in engineering and business economics, I know that a data-centric approach is imperative to building flexible, efficient and durable IT solutions that leverage data assets and business capabilities. Data governance and (meta)data management are key enablers of agility, cost-control, data quality, compliance and fact-based decisioning. While corporate culture is important to data governance success, conceptual knowledge, engineering rigour and attention to details are also critical success factors.

IT rigidity and high costs are often caused by a fixation on technology and process, with data being of secondary concern. Failure to regard data as a critical asset leads to poor business-IT alignment and overly complex IT landscapes built upon numerous fragmented data sources. Information management is about data, semantics, communication and accountability. Technology is just the means, not the goal.

A major personal achievement was design and creation of an enterprise data modelling tool & metadata integration repository, anchored in our software development cycle for 20 years. Continuous improvement to support real-world information modelling needs and new data integration challenges resulted in a remarkably well-controlled data management environment.

► Data & Information Architecture
► Enterprise (Master) Data Management (EDM/MDM)
► Data Governance
► Metadata Management
► Data Modelling (DMBOK2 reviewer)
► Database Design & Admin (DBA)
► Software Development

► Turning theory into practice
► Technical writing (bilingual Dutch/English fluency)
► Seeing the big picture & understanding the vital details

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