Job function
Foundation Technology Specialist
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Insurance Company
Years of experience
10+ years
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It can be difficult to describe roles in the IT sector concisely. I consider myself a software architect and developer, although I hold a senior consultant-type role among solution architects, developers, and infrastructure and operations specialists.

I introduce and establish new technologies, development platforms, and integration solutions. I act as third-line technical support and consultant to development teams across departmental silos.

My IT career started with developing mainframe applications, followed by a few years working in Visual Basic and classic ASP. The following 7 years focused my attention on developing Java EE applications using platforms such as JBossAS and Spring. Thereafter my role changed to Enterprise Integration Architect, driving the technical establishment of a large SOA and BPM platform over a three-year period, and then establishing software integration as well as application monitoring and diagnostics solutions for a core technology renewal programme.

I have a diverse skill-set that spans several technical domains and a wide variety of interests, but my core technology preference for software development is in the JavaSE/EE space.

I manage a personal VPS at AWS, where I run Wordpress-based sites, including my Cape Town Daily Photo blog and a stock photo library that I developed.

I focus more on back-end development and software integration, but you can ask me about designing a usable user experience, and although I can't claim to be a UX expert or a designer I do enjoy spending time developing client-side web applications.

I've been told my technical documents are informative and easy to understand. I don't like non-specific architecture documents, and I shrivel at the thought of preparing documents that hold no benefit. I'm a wiki maniac who loves to share knowledge and learn from peers.

I'm comfortable presenting to senior IT and Business stakeholders; I don't enjoy company politics; I measure but don't mince my words.

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