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release automation is part of your DevOps toolchain. First question: what do you want to release and on what platform? Are there solutions on the market or not? Does the solution fit in your Devops toolchain? How do you Orchestrate your release automation as part of your…
About 4 years ago
Dear Sir, Yes these are all three Build tools. Question is what do you want to build and what about deployment? Next question: build tool is one thing, but how much are you willing to spend on (internal or external) services to get your build tool up and running and to…
About 4 years ago
Dear Sir, It seems you want and end-to-end solution. You have a number of options: use a Build tool (like Jenkins) and a Deployment tool. Whatever Build or deploy tool you want to use, verify if they have an out-of-the-box solution for building and deploying WAS. If…
Over 4 years ago
Dear Sir, I would recommand an orchestration tool, where you can contine to use the existing toolset, but add an "orchestration" layer. How do we do it: Blueprint: we have a generic ITS plugin For QA we use HP QC: we can run HPQC during a Build or Deploy Phase.…
Over 4 years ago
Dear Sir, If I read this well, you are looking for an Orchestration solution. As Gartner says: "A DevOps toolchain can include dozens of noncollaborative tools, making the task of automating the continuous delivery of applications a technically complex and arduous task.…

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IKAN ALM, a web-based Application Lifecycle Management platform, enables both standard and agile development teams to set up customizable software life cycles, automate build and deploy processes and manage approvals/notifications. IKAN ALM integrates with many versioning, issue tracking and testing tools and fits right into distributed and mainframe environments.

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