FloatingBridge - Simple messaging\Workflow\ETL system on MySql and .NET

Project Description

FloatingBridge is a simple messaging\ workflow system based on MySql and .NET. MySql is used as the backend engine for the system. The front-end is designed in .NET WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). The business logic is handled by .NET windows services.

The system provides an API which can be used to publish messages and pull subscribed messages out of the system. Therefore, this can be used as a messaging Hub in an organisation. The system also has the ability to define workflows using a JSON format. The workflows can be synchronous or long running & asynchronous.

The data format supported for all messages & workflows is JSON. However, the system has inbuilt data format converters that convert to and from other data formats like XML and user defined formats.

The project is on SourceForge.net.

Download the setup files and try it:- https://sourceforge.net/projects/floatingbridge/


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