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IT Director
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51-200 Employees
Construction Company
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10+ years
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IT Director with substantial network and systems management experience. Considered to be a infrastructure specialist. Specialize with IT team and project management. Work to reduce spending while maintaining a consistent and reliable work environment.

Database administrator with experience with both Microsoft SQL server and Linux MySQL. Microsoft Experience related to SQL 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012. Devised and managed projects with ERP and Web implementation using SQL environments.

Help desk administrator managing implementation, and daily use of the Web Help Desk solution as well as being a high level support for internal customers / users.

Specialties: Corporate budget planning, purchasing, contract negotiation; technology evaluation, recommendation, and implementation, server architecture, employee management and reviews.

Hands on PC technical experience, PC and Server, networking, Routing and remote access, Security, SAP, VPN, ERP, POS, Gaming, and Manufacturing