Completed large project to align job competencies with

900 people affected
10 people managed
6 month project

Project Description

Completed large project to align job competencies with organization's core values and all positions within the organization. We utilized the configurability within the business rules of UltiPro to add all of the competencies, CORE and JOB SPECIFIC, to each individual position within UltiPro, for all levels of the organization. We received input from all levels regarding the competencies and launched the re-vamped performance reviews in January of 2016.

Due to the alignment of the competencies to each individual position, our managers are having more meaningful conversations with employees, employees are more engaged during those conversations and take ownership of the competencies, and the performance review process as a whole is much more productive event during the year.

Independent Bank was one of the Innovation Award winners during the 2017 Ultimate Connections Conference for its Performance Review process.

Lessons Learned

If I had to do it over again, I would have also done a full review of the job descriptions at the same time as we were doing the competencies. We had the job descriptions with us during the focus groups, but did not make adjustments to the descriptions at that time.


received recognition / award
support from colleagues


large no. of people impacted

Technologies Used


Ultimate Software Innovation Award
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