Reliance JVNOC

Project Description

Responsible for cross-platform UX design leadership, focusing on the overall Reliance JIO Visual NOC application, tool to monitor and manage JIO processes. Challenged with establishing a clear UX design vision and empowering a multi-discipline team of designers & developers to craft intuitive end-to-end user experiences focused on customer acquisition and engagement, across all platforms and clients—covering the web, big screen, tablet, and mobile.


 This is a common application for multiple user groups. Each user groups have a separate set of screen and controls. This application is to provide proactive notification, alerts for a possible issue or raise an alarm to once an issue occurs. The application is targeted to provide seamless and quick navigation. Most of the navigation is click based but it also supports type n’ search on the appropriate screens.



·         Recruit, build and lead a team of cross-platform designers who work collaboratively to deliver intuitive and enjoyable product solutions

·         UX Product management JIO Operation’s Dashboard and Monitoring Tool (JVNOC)

·         Learn & Apply Data-driven Design Approach for Dashboard and KPI metrics

·         A/B Testing for Dashboard and Trend pages

·         Defining product features & acceptance criteria, writing & prioritizing user stories, planning releases & sprint schedules. Develop working prototypes and other artifacts to describe the intended user experience.

  • Innovated usage chart in HTML (when the costly charting application couldn't support the design). Devised approach for backend developers to work in parallel with front-end design and development.
  • Creating the Sitemap, Information Architecture, User experience & usability


support from colleagues


management had to be convinced
large no. of people impacted
hard to meet schedule

Technical Certifications Used

  • Human factor International
  • Scrum
  • Bangalore12.971977.5937
  • Navi Mumbai (IN)19.036873.0158
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