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Over 4 years ago
Check out Palo Alto Networks, maybe the PA-800 Series. You can manage all 6 locations from a single interface with Palo Alto Panorama. If you need expertise just find a local partner in your area with this link:
Almost 5 years ago
Brian, this is one reason I continue to use ASA. Cisco makes a solid, stable and consistent firewall platform. It withstands time and continues to be a widely deployed firewall in the industry. ASDM is great for a single firewall management, but once you want to manage…
Almost 5 years ago
The only thing I miss about Checkpoint is their SmartDashboard. That thing is amazing, and Cisco could really learn a thing or two from it.
Over 7 years ago
We are running a distributed model, with Virtual Performance Manager (VPM) hosted in our virtual environment (v8.1), and Application Performance Appliances (APAs) in our Data Centers. We are currently using the 5200 model since we're piping less than 5Gbps through the…
Over 7 years ago
There are several ways you can run TruView. We employ a distributed model, where the management and presentation components run on a Windows virtual machine in our ESXi environment, while the performance analysis modules run in linux on hardware appliances. The standalone…

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