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Corporate well wisher providing preemptive focus on measures required for growth, productivity and technology usage in the right sense of it. Actively involved in setting up practices and competencies in Cloud Computing, Integration Platforms, Container Based Platform Automation, CRM (siebel, Salesforce), BI & Analytics (OBIEE, Omniture, Bitly), ATG Commerce performance engineering, deployment automation, Web Access Management, B2B and ERP areas, Enterprise Security, PKI and Data warehousing and most importantly the end to end performance engineering in true sense, not just of the platforms but also to organization health and productivity levels.

Natural Inclination to mid sized organizations targeting high pace growth and leveraging vast experience in truest sense by standardizing new areas and ensuring end to end solution optimizations in a wide variety of business applications. Do have wide exposure with open system technologies, relational/real time systems, proposing effective quality solutions & architectures, refining customer requirements and interests ensuring increased conversions, productivity and revenues.

I have helped setting up various start-up companies and has provided consultancy to many local & overseas small-medium businesses. Also played an important role in taking company's business to a new height in overseas market. I believe in providing affordable, efficient and professional solutions to clients to super seed their expectations.