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What type of reporting do you need ? What are your goals of testing ? Why do you want to do on real devices ? JMeter is an opensource tool you can work with depending on your requirements. Considering a tool entirely depends on your testing requirements. You can also useā€¦

About me

A vast experience of working on different business domains, using multiple tools and technologies.

Has extensive experience in:
1. Test Automation
2. Performance and Load testing
3. Business Analysis
4. Quality Assurance
5. White box testing
6. Research & Development

Specialties: Strategic Planning,Test management, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Quality Assurance and Problem Solving, Test Automation, Performance Testing, Load testing, Stress Testing, Code Coverage, Memory profiling.

Some Test Automation Tools I have worked are:
1. Selenium WebDriver in C#,
2. MS Coded UI (with VS2010,2012 and 2013)
3. Test Complete
4. JMeter

Some of the Performance and load testing tools that I have worked are:
1. Load Runner
2. JMeter
3. Visual Studio Web test and Load test
4. WCF Load

Some of the testing tools I have worked on:
1. Microsoft Test Manager
2. Team Foundation Server (TFS)

I have worked on the following Business domains and ERP
1. Leasing and Finance
2. Microsoft Dynamics AX
3. Investment Banking