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If you really need a lot of parallel query processing, having a real multithreading controller for your database, a Sparc S7 processor gives 8 threads per core, where Intel cores have 2 threads per core. Both mostly use RISC architecture, and there is a price difference…
Over 7 years ago
Every one has its good and its not so good parts. MySQL is suffering from derived queries index usage, but it can simulate variables assignments as in a while/end loop when processing rows. MS SQL cannot simulate loops with conditional variable assignments in statements, but…

About me

e-Learning Systems Development Analyst in Higher Education / University.

A financial data analyst and statistical tools developer for Technical Analysis methods (short term), mid term savings and long term investments, using Unix/Windows databases and all sorts of scripting tools for data cleaning, primary analysis, combinatory statistical analysis, MC simulations and modelling, before developing a presenting layer though web based access on the tools for the primary / aggregate analysis / combinatory process results.

Worked as a Software Support Analyst with 10 years commercial experience in financial, manufacturing and public health care projects. Worked with various SQL servers, Unix / Linux / BSD platforms, Windows. Developed prototype applications using ASP pages, VBA-ADO for MS-Office. Debugged web front end applications using Javascript, JQuery, JSON, XML and back end software using ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, Java, Informix ESQL/C and bash scripting. Implemented MES/SCADA system designs. Experienced with business enterprise information systems.
Well travelled and experienced with international work forces, sociable and affable which enables easy integration into teams and helps to motivate others. Driven to achieve targets, performing effectively both individually and within teams. An analyst with strong problem solving skill set and excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Organisational skills have regularly been utilised through events planning for charitable organisations.
Seeks contract work, being immediately available, for both interviews and starts, for most locations within the U.K.

Feel free to download my CV below, or call me on 07944794808

Specialties: Industrial Automations software design, development and deployment in food, beverage, dairy, financial and pharmaceutical products.

Web server based mobile device applications (ASP and Java applets)

Unix, Mac OS X, Win

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments