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You are comparing 3 different products. Solarwinds play in the major league of NMS. Spiceworks is adware and plays in the minor league. Airwatch is an MDM/MAM product. What is your goal?
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MDM features, reporting on compliance and capability to manage/report on voice/text/data usage. Nowadays the ability to push apps for windows machines is a must as we tend to go away from on-prem solutions.



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Client Desktop Management

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Who am I? Let's see...

As a growing kid I loved the outdoors, hang out with friends and play on the street. One rule to rule them all: I had to be at home by dinner time!
By the age of 14 my father brought me a Spectrum 48K and I got completely addicted. This was the beginning of an era (for me...)!
Going thru the natural evolution, (Spectrum 48K > Spectrum 128K > Amiga 600 > Intel 486) by my 16th birthday I was already assembling computers for friends to get money.
My first job was at a local TV/Radio repair shop selling components.
With 17, I was earning money to pay for my drivers license and saving for a car.
At 18 I went to the University but kept on working to pay for the tuition and expenses.
In 1999 I co-founded NETSIZE, Lda., which gave me the necessary skills in negotiation, management and client engagement.

In 2004 I joined Fertagus as an IT Technician and fast evolved to be IT & Networks Manager, acquiring and perfecting further skills in management, budgeting, human resources, railway, ticketing, surveillance, access control systems, structured networking, virtualization, online services and the most important; Being the best professional I could be!

During my development at Fertagus I´ve been leader, architect and most of the time, one of the team in several projects:
- New datacenter
- Access control system
- Centralized CCTV system with more than 150 IP cameras
- NOC for fire and carbon monoxide detection, parking and WAN/LAN monitoring and management
- Maintenance software for train and facilities management
- Datacenter virtualization
- Cisco network and VoIP
- Migration from on-prem to Office 365.
- Metro Transportes do Sul administrative systems, servers, network architecture and rollout
- ViaPorto domain transition from Transdev and new central systems (AD/Exchange migration and virtualization with DELL)
- ML, Carris and STCP technical infrastructure survey and budgeting for Barraqueiro Group application to respective PPPs
- and much more...

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