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• Executive-level professional and leader with a proven technical and managerial track-record of over 15 years, overseeing large-scale operations and extremely challenging business applications and information systems projects, in various industry sectors.
• Deep understanding of business strategies, processes and information requirements, through close interaction with top business executives.
• Extensive management skills and multi-disciplinary project management methodologies know-how, in addition to managing budgets, contracts and logistics in complex business and information technology environments.
• Specializes in setting up major organizational units and information systems from scratch, leading managers, architects and teams from diverse technological environments and backgrounds.
• Seasoned BI professional with broad experience in Data Warehousing, Big Data, Agile BI, Analytical DB, BI applications, Dashboards, BI infrastructure, BI portal, Data Integration, Data Cleansing and more.
• Drives BI strategy and vision through adoption of innovative BI concepts, technologies and solutions to enhance both business value and operational efficiency.
• Responsible for large-scale BI projects, covering all business areas and serving enterprise-wide user populations: executives, managers, analysts, line-workers and external customers.
• Leading high-level BI architecture & design and responsible for integrating Enterprise BI with software packages (SAP BW, Fraud Detection etc.) and analytical models.
• Main technologies: Vertica, Python, SQL Server, MongoDB, .NET, Cognos, Tableau, Oracle, SAP BW / Business Objects, Panorama, MS Analysis Services (OLAP), Informatica, QlikView, Trillium and more.

Specialties:Executive management, BI and Big Data Consulting, BI-as-a-Product, Cloud Analytics, OEM BI, BI development and management, Business Intelligence, Data warehousing, Agile BI, Big Data, Analytical Databases, Project management, System Analysis, In-depth business processes understanding, Leading BI technologies and concepts.